IPC’s Chief Executive Officer, Holger Winklbauer, leads a team of senior executives that includes Directors and Department Heads who ensure that IPC meets its members’ expectations of excellence and service.

IPC consists of four major areas:

  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Markets and Communication
  • Human Resources, Finance and Administration

Each department is led by a team of talented executives that bring to their respective positions years of experience in the postal industry and in their respective fields of expertise. Assisting the directors are department heads who lead key IPC project teams and initiatives.


holger winklbauer

Holger Winklbauer

Chief Executive Officer


 Dirk Gloeckner

Dirk Gloeckner

Director, Technology 

Chris Kalla-Bishop

Director, Finance & Human Resources

 Liam O'Sullivan

Liam O'Sullivan

Director, Operations




Bulent Artan

Head of Operational Excellence


Lorella resized

Lorella Belotti

Head of EPG, EMS and KPG Services


Nicolas Bilhoto

Head of Service Management

Louis-François de Robiano

Louis-François de Robiano

Head of Strategic Relations

Thierry Dieu

Thierry Dieu

Head of Communications

Marco Grüttgen

Marco Grüttgen

Head of E-commerce Solutions


Mark Harrison

Head of Markets

JML resized

Jean-Marc Lejeune

Head of Accounting and Finance

Gerrit Plasch

Gerrit Plasch

Head of Technology Solutions. 


Cinzia Neri

Head of PRIME


Hale Parlayan 

Head of PMO & Development 

Bert Seghers

Bert Seghers

Head of UNEX

johan van den bergh

Johan Van den bergh

Head of Systems Technology

 Jörgen van Mook

Jörgen van Mook

Head of Process Harmonisation