Jörgen van Mook joined IPC in 1999 as Manager Operations Planning. During this time, he designed and set up the IPC Tray Pool and the IPC Sprinter Network, and managed the Future of Air by Mail initiative. In 2012 he was appointed Head of Supply Chain Integration. In this position, Van Mook leads both the Security & Customs and Carrier Integration strands within the e-commerce programme being developed within the O&T team, and retains responsibility for the FoMbA initiative. He works closely with PostEurop and the UPU to help ensure that the postal sector develops a coherent response to the new security and customs challenges.

Before joining IPC, van Mook was involved in a project at IPC called 'Quantum Leap' on finding strategic options for major increases in the quality of service of mails exchange between member posts. He started his career at as network manager at the International Mail Processing division at the Amsterdam Office of Exchange.

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