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The job holder (he/she) will work in Letters and UNEX section of the IPC Operations Department. The job holder will provide overall support to RFID Services and team by executing control and follow-up of the activities and processes within the different RFID Tracking services to ensure a stable and reliable service is provided to the participating posts. The job holder will report to the Tracking Services and RFID solutions Manager.

Job dimensions

  • Data management and control of RFID tracking network 
  • Support RFID infrastructure technology experts (RITE) group 
  • General support for RFID Services (support the Service manager)
This is a support position, so the decision-making authority is limited to technical decisions within the scope of the work done. Person in this position is required to autonomously investigate requests for support.

Main job responsibilities

1. Data management and control of RFID tracking network 

Objective: ensure that RFID tracking data (item and receptacles) provided to participating posts is meeting their requirements and expectations 

Part activities: 

  • Monitor the performance of existing data SQL queries and validate coding of the SQL queries for CCDS and CMS;
  • Monitor the maintenance activities on SQL queries to ensure that these are up to date and correct for the online reporting tool for RFID services;
  • Respond to questions and ad hoc requests by posts in relation to data management and reporting; if required run specific queries to extract data necessary for analyses or to be provided to participating posts;
  • Support posts and IPC staff in their analysis and questions on RFID data provided;
  • Monitor data flows relevant for the RFID services and inform immediately the responsible posts when concerns or issue are visible. 
2. Support RFID infrastructure technology experts (RITE) group

Objective: ensure that RITE group can run efficiently and effectively in support to TD, UNEX and RFID tracking user groups using the RFID technology and services

Part activities: 

  • Provide the relevant RFID data to RITE group participants to be able to monitor read rates, assess improvement areas and define actions for specific postal operators;
  • Support UNEX, TD and RFID tracking users’ requests participating in RITE group to improve their RFID performance in relation to red flows;
  • Follow-up and monitor progress of actions taken by posts to improve poor read rates (i.e. the red flow analyses);
  • Maintain and document RFID settings necessary for the different user groups using RFID information and data;
  • Investigate issues reported in relation to the RFID network performance in the database as super-user;
  • Set up pilots and ad hoc testing activities when is required.
3. General support for RFID services

Objective: provide general support in specific areas of the service in order to maintain and improve the RFID services provided to participating posts

Part activities: 

  • Support RFID Services team in organisation of meetings such as quarterly RFID Services Monitoring Committee (RSMC), Senior Advisory Group and OURS Task Force or workshop sessions related to RFID services;
  • Prepare and communicate analyses, papers, status reports and working documents for the participating posts;
  • Follow up Read Rate monitoring program, specifically the users design changes and implement the monthly sending plans;
  • Support ad hoc testing activities and prepare small pilots for the RFID tracking community;
  • Monitor stock order process with RFID tag provider and follow-up orders by participating posts;
  • Additional tasks may be imposed temporarily, subject to consultation, if required for the operation of the service or organisation.


The job holder will exchange information with RFID Technology team, UNEX team, Reporting team and Analysis team. The job holder will also be in contact with RFID tag providers (for orders) and RFID experts in participating posts. 


Job profile
Knowledge and experience
  • Master or Bachelor degree required;
  • Experience in logistical sector and preferably with managing or monitoring track and trace solutions;
  • Successful experience in similar support function is desirable (at least 1y). 
Skills and competences
  • Fluent in English; verbal as well as written communication;
  • Ability to analyse and structure complex situations;
  • Ability to manage large data and derive clear conclusions;
  • Able to work with Ms Office tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
  • Capable of writing, reviewing and correcting SQL statements on multiple database.
  • Team player 
  • Service minded and customer focused
  • Hands-on approach to problems and issues
  • Work efficiently under time pressure 

Job type

Full time


Brussels, Belgium

Application & Contact Information

To apply, send your CV, indicating the position you are interested in along with a covering letter telling us why you think you’re right for us to:

Contact Information

Myriam Smout
Human Resources
International Post Corporation
Avenue du Bourget 44,
1130 Brussels