Correos y Telégrafos achieves Certificate of Excellence



The Office of Exchange (OE) of Barajas Airport in Madrid has successfully passed IPC’s certification assessment and has been awarded the IPC ‘Certificate of Excellence in the management and processing of international priority letter mail’.

In a ceremony held at the Office of Exchange  in Barajas on 29 August, Herbert-Michael Zapf, President and CEO of IPC, handed the Certificate of Excellence to Javier Cuesta, President of Correos y Telegrafos, and congratulated the staff for the quality of processes and services provided.

The certificate of excellence is valid for three years, after which Correos y Telégrafos can apply for renewal by requesting the assessment process.

About IPC Certificates of Excellence

IPC’s certification of excellence is an independent process led by external experts and supervised by the IPC certification manager. The self-assessment questionnaire evaluate areas of work organisation, quality management and interface relationships. In its first certification, any OE must achieve a minimum of 90% in each of the three categories: renewal of certificates requires a higher standard. Once self-assessment has been completed, the IPC assessment team conducts an on-site inspection of all OE functions, including inbound, outbound and air-mail unit operations. In addition, the team evaluates how the OE handles international mail between offices of exchange, how it interfaces with these offices, the domestic part of the mail pipeline and international transport.


About International Post Corporation

International Post Corporation is a cooperative association of 24 member postal operators in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America. Over the past two decades IPC has collaborated with its members to upgrade the quality of mail service by developing technology systems that bring transparency to the mail processing system and delivery chain. It also manages the system for incentive-based payments between postal operators and creates business intelligence for its members, by providing a range of platforms for CEOs and senior management to exchange best practices, discuss strategy and engage in industry research. IPC represents the majority of the world’s mail, with its members delivering about 80% of global postal volumes.