Cyprus Post and Post Croatia join International Post Corporation’s integrated parcel delivery network



The IPC e-Parcel Group (EPG) now counts 31 participating posts from Europe and North America 

Brussels, 3 October 2013 – Cyprus Post joined the International Post Corporation (IPC) E-Parcel Group (EPG) this September, while Post Croatia became a member earlier this year in July, in parallel with its accession to the European Union. With the entry of these two posts, the total number of participants in IPC’s EPG has increased to 31 posts*. 

EPG is one of IPC’s success stories in the field of parcel delivery and e-Commerce. Through EPG, postal operators deliver cross-border priority parcels via an integrated delivery network, offering customers stable and reliable quality of service and high performance standards. 

To achieve its objectives, the network relies on a track-and-trace system and ongoing monitoring and reporting. The EPG network also uses an automated customer service system linking the call centres of the participating postal operators to ensure fast resolution of customer enquiries. 

IPC provides operational support and project management for the group as well as monitoring of quality of service to measure adherence to formally agreed standards. IPC issues a wide set of performance reports, helping members to further improve quality and solve operational problems. IPC also develops new services for EPG members such as easy return solutions for cross-border e-Commerce parcels. Moreover, the IPC Parcels Team is assists EPG members with enquiries regarding technology, operations and customer service issues. 

Although the project began in 1996 as a business-to-business service involving only nine postal operators in northern Europe, the EPG network rapidly expanded geographically and also opened to business-to-consumers traffic. The proportion of the volume consisting of parcels to consumers has been continuously increasing, in line with the rapid growth of cross-border e-Commerce. 

The EPG network and the solutions provided to its members are an essential building block of the IPC initiative to underpin cross-border e-Commerce growth.

More information on EPG is available on the IPC website:

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