Deutsche Post DHL joins the IPC Bag Pool

The IPC Bag Pool is expanding with the 18th member joining the pool

Deutsche Post DHL will become the 18th member of the IPC Bag Pool as of May 2014, following the signature of the agreement on 19 March 2014. Deutsche Post will be using the pool of standardised IPC bags for its registered mail, E-format and letter packet mail of maximum 2 kg, such as e-commerce products.

The new volumes coming from the German market will most probably contribute to expand the operational capacity of the pool, with a forecasted increase in the number of routes and bags exchanged between the Pool members, which, in 2013, amounted to some 700,000 bags.

The IPC Bag Pool brings significant operational, financial and environmental benefits to members of the pool, by optimising processes and avoiding repatriation of empty bags to the country of origin. Moreover, the IPC CAPE system allows members to closely monitor the operations and movements of the bags, thus ensuring high efficiency and sufficient stock of bags for all members and at all times.

The pool has proven to be a very efficient tool for streamlining postal operations since it was founded in 2010 and is open to new members, including to postal operators from outside the IPC membership.