INTERCONNECT customer services: the extra mile

Meeting and training session on 18 & 19 November 2014

About 40 experts from 24 posts worldwide received a training on the IPC enhanced customer system hosted by  Magyar Posta  in Budapest on 18 and 19 November. Better customer service quality in cross-border e-Commerce network is one of the building blocks of the IPC’s INTERCONNECT programme, which is setting the foundation for a global seamless network for e-Commerce delivery 

With the Global Customer Service System (GCSS), a web-based application that won the Business Development Innovation award in September 2014, IPC brings the customer service further by changing a fairly old-fashioned paper-based system into an electronic version and improving the resolution of cross-border customer enquiries. IPC and its members are on the right track in developing a customer service culture that goes the extra mile, backed up by state-of-the-art systems, efficient procedures and motivated people. Through GCSS, IPC aims at addressing a major obstacle for customers to embrace cross-border e-Commerce.

The recently launched Global Customer Service System (GCSS), features considerably reduced response times, a new set of time-saving procedures, messages to enhance pro-activity, and inclusion of data captured at source. The new Content Management System, a module integrated in the IPC website, presented at the training will allow customer service agents to have access to information on a wide range of topics and helps them optimise their daily work. The GCSS Business Intelligence module, will provide managers with a powerful tool to analyse trends, drill down into quality issues and create tailor-made reports.

The training also included interactive sessions with customer service experts from outside the postal world. It provided participants a different angle on quality, training, communication and risks and opportunities of social media.