Organisation chart

IPC has three departments, each being led by a departmental director and a team of talented executives and staff that bring to their respective positions years of experience in the postal industry and in their fields of expertise.

The three departments include: Marketing, Operations and Technology, and Finance & HR. The IPC organisation chart gives an insight in the activities of IPC and its individual departments.

organisation chart

IPC senior executives

IPC’s Chief Executive Officer, Holger Winklbauer, leads a team of senior executives that includes Directors and Department Heads who ensure that IPC meets its members’ expectations of excellence and service.

IPC Board

IPC is a cooperative company governed by a Board, composed of the chief executive officers from eleven IPC members plus IPC's president and chief executive. The Board meets at least twice a year.

Mission and overview

International Post Corporation is the postal industry’s partner company that provides leadership by driving service quality, interoperability and business-critical intelligence, and gives its members an authoritative, independent and collective voice.