Research and analysis

In the area of direct marketing and media services, IPC provides research and benchmark analysis on the market, case studies and facilitates forums and discussion platforms for best practice sharing. We also provide links to useful publications published recently.


Behind the Mind – PostNord neuromarketing report

Behind the mind: How the brain reacts to printed and digital communication – commissioned by PostNord and conducted by Ipsos and Neurons Inc. Using neuroscientific methods, the study measured how the brain actually respond to different types of communication.


Advertising Mail Innovations

Advertising Mail Innovations – a report by the Office of Inspector General of the USPS - explores three opportunities to fuse digital technologies and capabilities with advertising mail: enabling data-driven mailing through reactive mail, developing a postal platform for mobile couponing, and fostering virtual reality (VR) applications.

Direct Marketing Toolbox from Austria Post

The more knowledgeable and successful clients are with a particular media channel the better – both for their business as well as for the long-term profitability of the media owner. This is why Austria Post invested in preparing a complete info package regarding direct marketing.


The private life of mail

This report looks at how advertising mail flows after it’s delivered. It also measures emotional and neuro-scientific aspects of this physical medium. The key learning - mail is powerful.


The Strength of the letter - 2014 study

The “Strength of the letter 2014” study was conducted on behalf of Post Danmark by market research agency Wilke A/S. It studied Danes’ relation to communications from companies through different media.

Mail is the best channel for loyalty - An Post

This study by Amárach Research delved into customer loyalty and it proved that consumers, both young and old, want to have something tangible in their hands from the company and appreciate the direct mail channel more than others.

Demonstrate the Power of Mail - Foldfactory

A feature article by an US print folding specialist, Trish Witkowski, where she shares innovative mailing design ideas and explains why they make a difference in the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns.

Mail Innovations, USPS

This paper provides an overview of ten US mail innovations that range from commonly used and well-known tools to some that are still emerging.


Enhancing Mail for Digital Natives

As US Digital Natives move into their peak earning years, they become the nation’s most dominant consumer group. This study looks to understand their unique communications expectations and needs.