IPC’s Future of Mail by Air initiative drives quality and efficiencies of air mail


First report on conversion to electronic data exchange shows greater-than-expected results

10% conversion target exceeded—new target of 35% set for 2012 

Brussels, Tuesday, 22 March 2011

International Post Corporation (IPC) announced recently that its Future of Mail by Air (FoMbA) initiative has enabled the transition from paper delivery bills to an electronic method for 16% of all the mail exchanged between postal operators and airlines on 127 routes worldwide in only one year. The achievement, announced at the 2011 IATA World Cargo Symposium, surpasses the 10% target set for 2010 by six percentage points.

The success of IPC’s Future of Mail by Air initiative underlines the instrumental role IPC plays in streamlining international air mail. FoMbA is driving the substitution of time-consuming, error-prone manual handling of delivery bills with the automated processing of electronic data exchanged between airlines and postal operators, generating substantial efficiencies for all parties. FoMbA systems are developed in house by IPC to improve business processes and increase reliability, enhance visibility and provide electronic audit trails for posts and airlines alike, ultimately reducing operating costs.

Commenting on the results, Ross Hinds, IPC’s Director of Operations and Technology, said: “the results demonstrate how posts and airlines are both benefitting from greater collaboration, translating into postal operators becoming lower cost customers for airlines, and airlines high quality service suppliers to posts.”

Having exceeded their 2010 target so emphatically, FoMbA participants agreed upon a challenging 35% target by March 2012. The collective target emerged from the air mail track discussions, moderated by Ross Hinds, who also co-chaired discussions on air cargo security with airlines, government bodies and transport industry stakeholders.


About the International Post Corporation

International Post Corporation is a cooperative association of 24 member postal operators in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America. Over the past two decades IPC has collaborated with its members to upgrade the quality of mail service by developing technology systems that bring transparency to the mail processing system. It also manages the system for incentive-based payments between postal operators and creates business intelligence for its members, by providing a range of platforms for CEOs and senior management to exchange best practices, discuss strategy and engage in industry research. IPC represents the majority of the world’s mail, with its members delivering about 80% of global postal volumes. For more detailed information on IPC’s FoMbA initiative, please go to the FoMbA section of our web site.

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