IPC provides services to its 24 member organisations and to other postal organisations and networks worldwide We rely on cutting-edge technology and on highly experienced people to deliver technological, operational and cooperative solutions. Our services are at heart of the international postal pipeline and enable postal operators to improve their business and take advantage of the new opportunities which arise in the e-commerce market.

Cross-border e-commerce is a major focus of our activities given its rapid growth across the globe. To help postal organisations grasp the opportunities of e-commerce growth, IPC has for a number of years been working on solutions to boost cross-border e-commerce, which now underpin the INTERCONNECT initiative.

Common Return Platform

In a growing e-commerce market, IPC has developed a solution that responds to the needs of postal customers and consumers alike: a simple returns process for cross-border e-commerce.

Global Customer Service System

Linking more than 270 call centres globally, IPC’s Global Customer Service System is a unique platform in the postal industry, allowing customer service call centres worldwide to exchange queries about barcoded items.

Harmonised Labelling

As part of INTERCONNECT, IPC worked together with its member posts to develop and implement a harmonised labelling solution, ensuring uniformity based on the existing standard UPU S10 barcode, using a set of standardised address elements, icons and layouts.


STROBE provides the postal industry and the e-Commerce customers (e-retailers and shoppers) with a low-cost ‘auto-tracking’ solution for low-value cross-border e-Commerce items that are currently not tracked, which make up about 60% of total traffic.

Delivery Choice

Developed as part of the INTERCONNECT umbrella, the Delivery Choice solution enables e-customers to opt for the same delivery options for cross-border online purchases as for domestic purchases, such as delivery in a parcel locker, at a post office, at a shop, etc.