Facilitating customs with MEDICI programme

Postal operators are facing challenges due to the liberalisation of world trade and increased use of postal services to deliver goods ordered via the internet. The customs and security procedures applied to mail have changed in the past years. The regulatory and market environment in which the posts operate is also changing, bringing increasing competition both from alternative means of communication and within the postal market itself.

IPC is helping postal operators to address such issues through its Mails Electronic Data Interchange and Customs Integration (MEDICI) programme. MEDICI allows participating postal operators to capture and electronically exchange customs information to clear customs and assess duty and tax. It has managed to both minimise the costs of capturing and supplying data in electronic form and to ensure that full advantage is taken of resulting opportunities to improve services.

MEDICI benefits extend beyond customs

MEDICI not only more efficiently captures needed customs information, the system also provides additional benefits for postal operators, customs staff and customers.

  • Customers benefit from faster and more predictable delivery, combined with more consistent assessment of taxes and duties
  • Use of on-line data capture systems improves data quality, increasing customs compliance and reducing exceptions
  • Postal operators are able to use the data to improve duty and tax collection procedures
  • Customs' resources are used more effectively, allowing them to focus more on security initiatives
  • Customs in the origin country are able to use the data to screen outgoing items if required
  • Address data can be used to automate mail sorting and delivery, eliminating the need for OCR or video coding