Common Return Platform

IPC's returns solution for e-commerce parcels

In a growing e-commerce market, IPC has developed a solution that responds to the needs of postal customers and consumers alike: a simple returns process for cross-border e-commerce. The solution, called the Common Returns Platform (CRP), builds on the functionalities and success of the IPC Easy Return Solution and is currently being implemented by 30 postal operators.

IPC’s Common Returns Platform (CRP) enables posts to offer distance sellers a priority postage-paid international return service for their customers. 

The aim of the solution is to support the growth on e-commerce, ensuring customers are allowed to return ‘unwanted goods’, increase parcel volume, and avoid over-labelling costs for postal operators, without any operational changes. The solution has evolved due to market needs and now supports several international mail networks – EPG, KPG, PRIME, INTERCONNECT and UPU parcels.

E-Parcel Group delivery network

The E-Parcel Group (EPG) is made up of 31 postal operators from around the world, and is focused on providing a reliable quality of service for priority parcels through an integrated delivery network.



IPC has joined forces with over 30 posts across the globe to develop a seamless e-Commerce delivery network, called INTERCONNECT. This network aims at creating the best conditions for e-shoppers and SMEs to shop and sell online internationally and for posts to fully benefit from cross-border e-Commerce growth.