Dynamic Merchant Platform

A suite of in-cart solutions to improve the online shopping experience

The following video shows the key features of the IPC Dynamic Merchant Platform, a suite of in-cart solutions to improve the cross-border e-commerce delivery experience for consumers.

Our platform has two objectives. Firstly, to embed postal delivery solutions within the shopping carts of leading global e-retailers. And secondly, for postal operators to offer the cross-border features of an integrated express network, for the price of postal delivery. 

The solutions offered include: a landed cost calculator, regulatory compliance plugins, a document management solution to streamline customs processes, a delivery choice solution, a notification service, tracking services, a harmonised labelling solution and an easy returns solution for both consumer and e-retailer.

The Dynamic Merchant Platform and its solutions have been developed or sourced by IPC on behalf of its members. The software solutions are now available across all networks and can be plugged into a shopping cart to support a seamless, in-cart consumer experience. Each of the APIs can be marketed and implemented independently, allowing for optimal flexibility.

For more information, please contact info@ipc.be.