Global Customer Service System

High customer service and reliability

In a world of changing communication habits and delivery preferences, today's customers are expecting more from their postal services: friendly customer service and reliable delivery are sometimes more important than speed.

Linking more than 279 call centres globally in over 185 countries, IPC’s Global Customer Service System (GCSS) is a unique platform in the postal industry. It allows customer service call centres worldwide to exchange customer queries about barcoded items. It is the perfect tool to answer the increasing demands from e-retailers and consumers for swift information about the whereabouts of cross-border postal items.

How it works

The system is designed around a fixed set of procedures with agreed response targets for each supported product. Each query in the system uses predefined sections where the agent enters specific required information, supplied by the inquiring customer or from the IPC CAPE system. 

When the information in the inquiry is complete, it is sent to the destination post’s customer service call centre. There, customer service agents respond to the inquiry.

Replies recorded in the database are used to generate periodic reports on reply performance for each product and post. This allows the call centre managers for each post to ensure that the customer service targets, agreed for each product, are met.

In addition, by combining information from the Item Monitoring System on total volumes, it is possible to objectively measure the number of inquiries against total traffic, to track trends in customer queries and satisfaction.

Different names, same valuable service

The system features separate modules for the following products, services and networks: Express Mail Service (EMS), E-Parcel Group (EPG), Registered, Insured, Exprès (PRIME), Parcels Performance Reporting Group (PPR), Kahala Posts Group (KPG) and INTERCONNECT (Standard Packets, Standard Parcels and Premium).

The IPC Global Customer Service System supports many different delivery services, though its users may know it by a different name. For example, those from the EMS community know the IPC Global Customer Service System as the Rugby System, while those in the UPU Parcels Group know it as IBIS (Internet Based Inquiry System). Regardless of the name it goes by, all recognise the valuable service it provides.