Service performance in Europe

In Europe, the international postal system performance has changed beyond recognition. Postal operators have made significant improvements in international mail quality of service using using UNEX™ and a wide range of high-tech systems developed by IPC.

Since 1994, the first year UNEX™ was implemented, participating European postal operators have dramatically improved the speed and efficiency of international letter service in terms of Delivery Days (J+n performance) and Cumulative Performance. 

In 1997, the EU Directive on Postal Services set Speed and Reliability Objectives on a country-to-country basis: 85 percent of cross-border letter mail must be delivered within 3 days (Speed) and 97 percent in 5 days (Reliability). EU postal operators are required to publish quality results annually – IPC provides these results in its IPC UNEX™ Results Brochure.

Cumulative performance


In Europe the UNEX™ design complies with the CEN standard EN13850 Postal Services – Quality of Service – Measurement of the transit time of end-to-end services for single piece priority and first class mail that specifies the methodology for monitoring of quality of service in the European Union.

UNEX™ Annual Results

Each year, the UNEX™ team publishes the previous year's UNEX™ report overview, which provides statistical performance results for participating countries in Europe. Below are the results reports from 1996.