Striving for excellence

Supporting our members to ensure high quality of international mail, packet and parcel services is one of our core missions.

Certification assessments

IPC awards certificates of excellence to offices and exchange and airmail units with excellent services. The IPC Certification of Excellence in the Management and Processing of International Priority Products is an independent process that encourages postal operators to strive for excellence within the industry. Assessments for the Certificate focus on the processing of international priority products.

The main criteria for assessment relates to: quality management; organisation and resource management; interface relationships with international partners, carriers and handlers at both the Offices of Exchange and Airmail Units, and EDI message and data compliance.

Performance centre operations

The IPC Performance Centre is IPC’s quality monitoring unit, enabling posts to improve operational performance by using monitoring and tracking data, ensuring seamless cooperation between stakeholders.

The Performance Centre sends quality data to postal operators, helping them to improve their services or plan and manage periods of peak volumes. The Performance Centre focusses on monitoring quality of service, supporting operational improvements, issuing reports and performing operational surveys.

For more information on how IPC’s gathers and stores data, visit our Data Solutions section.