IPC Carrier Intelligence Reports

Critical financial, operational and strategic information for 50 leading postal and logistics operators from around the world. The reports are freely available for download on this page for the 24 IPC member organisations after login. Non-members can subscribe the IPC Carrier Intelligence Reports.

IPC Carrier Intelligence Reports page overview

IPC Carrier Intelligence Reports provide instant access to critical financial, operational, strategic and market information for 50 leading postal and parcel operators from around the world in an easy-to-read, consistent format.

The reports provide operator-specific analysis on topics of key strategic importance for the postal sector, including information on the macro environment, corporate governance and strategy, consolidated and business unit performance, corporate social responsibility, and business outlook and strategic targets.

IPC Carrier Intelligence Reports have been specifically designed to meet the market intelligence needs of industry executives as well as consultants and analysts engaged in research throughout the postal and parcel sectors.




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