IPC Global Monitor

The IPC Global Monitor is a family of reports that presents detailed and confidential information across key areas of interest to IPC members. There are two types: the Executive Report which monitors trends across key postal products, and the HR Report which monitors human resource key performance indicators. The reports allow members to better understand global industry trends and benchmark their performance against their peers on a regular basis.

The IPC Global Monitor reports are prepared for member CEOs and executives and their key strategic planners, economists and analysts, allowing members to assess performance in their home market against an overall industry average. Leveraging IPC’s unique position as a trusted and independent source of market intelligence, the IPC Global Monitor helps members make more informed decisions and save valuable resources.

The IPC Global Monitor is comprised of two types of reports:

gmexecExecutive Report

  • Monitors volume and revenue trends across key postal products
  • Covers transactional, marketing and international mail, periodicals and parcels
  • Includes key megatrends affecting product demand and business segment results
  • Published quarterly

gmhrHR Report

  • Monitors key performance indicators for human resources
  • Covers FTEs, age profile, sick leave and accident frequency, severity and causes
  • Includes analysis across both the consolidated group and business unit levels
  • Published biannually


The IPC Global Monitor is a member-only service available as a secure download through STORM.

Contact IPC Market Intelligence at market.intelligence@ipc.be for more information on how to access the IPC Global Monitor.