Advertiser Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse, Canada
Industry Retail
Media used Direct mail
Target group ■ 500


Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse wanted to increase their sales with direct mail. To achieve their goal, they asked an advertising agency for a creative idea that wouldn't go unnoticed.

The idea

In order to make the flyer stand out and increase the chances of the recipients reading it, ad agency Rethink came up with a mailing idea that would get people's cats attention first. In this mailing, owners were targeted through their cats, by printing it on paper that had been prepared with catnip. When the cats responded to the mailing, so did their owners.


The flyers were by far the most effective direct marketing done by Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse. There was a spike in both customer counts and sales, with many people mentioning that they came in specifically because of the flyers. In addition, the "making of" video was viewed over 370,000 times on YouTube and featured on numerous blogs and websites like Gizmodo, Mashable, PSFK, Laughing Squid and Jezebel. More than 3,660,540 online impressions were generated, including 2,269 tweets and 4,509 Facebook shares.

Mail is the only advertising medium that appeals to all five senses – including smell and using this distinguishing feature is a no-brainer for ads in perfume, industry for instance. This idea, however, has an extra element of genius in that human beings in the houses mailed were actually the secondary target audience. Their cats were the primary audience.

Because it’s such a funny idea, it’s gone viral. The original mailing went to 500 people but the story has been taken up by many websites and the video has now reached 370,000 views. 





Rethink Canada,