Advertiser ■ JCDecaux, Belgium
Industry ■ Outdoor advertising
Media used ■ Direct mail
Target group ■ 53 biggest advertisers
Date ■ April 2014


JCDecaux needed to inform their existing customers advertisers about their new innovations. The aim was to obtain presentation meetings to inform Belgium's most important advertisers about the digital features and new technologies.


JCDecaux billboards are not only visible on the streets but also on the streets of Google StreetView. Which means all these brands got years of free media space. So together with BBDO Belgium, JCDecaux sent 53 of Belgium's biggest advertisers a framed picture of their campaign on Google Street view. They attached a letter and a detailed invoice to inform the recipients that their billboard had been visible on Google Street View for years and years without being paid for. Of course they weren't going to let them pay this amount. The only thing asked for in return was their time to listen to the sales team.


The Direct Mail was sent to 53 of Belgium's biggest advertisers. 60% of them (32 advertisers) reacted spontaneously. After a follow-up by the sales-team an extra 95 % of meetings were obtained. The target group, though small in this campaign, could easily be broadened to include prospective advertisers as well. And with digital technologies available nowadays, it's easier than ever to create different mailing versions of the same campaign depending on the value of customer - in this case just an image shared online instead of a framed photo would do the trick.



BBDO, JCDecaux