Advertiser ■ IBM, Denmark
Industry ■ IT
Media used ■ Direct mail, print
Date ■ 2013

The campaign

The goal was to raise awareness on Big Data, and ushering in the reflection on Big Data Analytics in each organization.

The target group (at individual level) was new to IBM sellers. Therefore, there was an expectation that it would be hard to penetrate to it. Especially when one does not know in advance where you found the lowest hanging fruit (in sales, marketing or chief executive). Sales objectives were to get one customer at least 1 million. kr. on average per. 5 conducted meetings.

Target Audience

IBM has started in selected companies among the country's largest. In each company, IBM selected 3 targets: Marketing Manager, Sales Manager and the company's top executive. A typical audience for IBM vendors would involve IT people.

The creative

Three analogue inputs (a letter, a book and a meeting) were used. The letter told the story of the possibilities of insight, growth, customer retention and satisfaction. The core of each letter was targeted recipient's industry challenges and the company's stated objectives, based on IBM vendor's insights. No doubt that IBM knows who they turn to. The exact text differed depending on which of the company's three receivers the letter was delivered to.


Closed sales: 6.1 million. kr. (EUR 817,000)
Pipeline additional 9 million. kr. (EUR 1,205,000)
ROI: 18

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