Advertiser ■ Mazda
Industry ■ Automotive
Media used ■ Direct mail + web
Target group ■ 44,184 car owners
Date ■ 2012


The objective of this campaign was to bring more clients to the dealers, as well as to enrich and update the client’s database. To persuade Mazda drivers to do their pre-winter car check with Mazda, and not other service provider, was not easy. The car dealer had to show that annual maintenance of their car with the original dealer did not necessarily mean paying high premiums.


Mazda owners received a direct mailing with a link to a personal landing page. The mailing included a discount voucher for a winter check for only €14.95 and the chance to win an iPad or a digital camera. Once they had checked their personal details and amended them where necessary, customers could click through.


The campaign proved successful: 5,026 unique visitors to the landing page, 2,656 used the discount voucher, out of whom 1,891 as a result of direct mail. Furthermore, 2,963 of Mazda’s clients have enriched and updated their data.