Advertiser ■ Pro Wildlife
Industry ■ Non-profit
Media used ■ Direct mail
Date ■ 2013


The task was to raise awareness for the unbelievable fact that today endangered animals are still being killed for trophies. Even more importantly, the objective was to collect money for Pro Wildlife – an organisation dedicated to protecting the habitats of endangered animals. The campaign should accomplish this without the well-worn mechanisms of shock and disgust so many social campaigns rely on, and it should work in a simple and direct way.

Analysis and strategy

Three different donation stamps were designed: every stamp sold meant a donation to Pro Wildlife. Every sheet showed an old-school illustration of an endangered animal. But to use the stamp, you had to remove the "trophy" and so destroy the animal. With every stamp, at least two people were reached: the person who bought it and the person who received the mail.

Results and effects

The campaign raised a total of €41,000 with fifty cents from the sale of each stamp going to Pro Wildlife. It also raised discussion on many blogs and social networks. Visits to increased by 400%. This is not a direct marketing campaign, however, it shows how a simple but well designed donation stamp can become a powerful communication tool - with no additional marketing efforts..