Client ■ BT Financial Group
Industry ■ Financial
Media used ■ Direct mail
Target audience ■ N/A
Date ■ June 2015
Country ■ Australia


In Australia, a portion of everyone's salary went into superannuation. (This was a mandatory savings scheme that helped people save for their retirement.) However, whenever anyone changed jobs or moved home, it was easy to lose track of the fund. The average Australian had lost super sitting in two or three accounts. The challenge was to get people to redirect any lost super they may have had into their BT super account. The objective was to better the average rollover amount of the control group ($13,585).


Using data from the taxation office, it was possible to estimate the amount of lost superannuation by postcode. The mailing pointed out exactly how much lost money there was in the recipient's area, inviting them to bring their share home. The idea was to get them to redirect their super in a similar way to how they would redirect their mail. The message was strengthened by housing the headline in a mock mail redirection sticker, usually only used by Australia Post. This reinforced the customer problem of losing track of your super when you move.


Over $11.8 million redirected to BT. Average rollover was $19,985, a 47% increase against the control. At the core of this campaign’s success was the data about how much money was being wasted in a specific area. The letter mirrored how Australia Post redirects the mail so the process seemed familiar for the recipients even if they hadn’t done a fund redirection in the past.