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Date June 2013


Per capita, Winnipeg has the largest cottage-owning population in Canada. And Winnipeggers love their internet as much as their cottages. But, they've never been able to enjoy both at the same time, since cottage country is too remote for traditional internet. The Rogers Rocket Hub offered a great solution for wireless hi-speed internet, but there was very little awareness of either the brand or the product.

To tackle both problems, Winnipeggers were targeted with direct mail just before the first long weekend of cottage season.Manitoba is known as the "mosquito capital of Canada". Winnipeggers even jokingly refer to the mosquito as their provincial bird. So, when Winnipeggers received a self- mailer wrapped in real mosquito netting, it was immediately recognisable to them. The message, "Going to the cottage? Don't forget to pack the net" was a bit of wordplay they understood immediately. It helped that on the very day of the mail drop, local media reported a record explosion of mosquitoes in the province. This serendipity allied to a relevant idea helped results exceed all expectations.


The call volume compared to the previous communication was exceeded by 200% and the netting piece pulled in an impressive 50% lift over the control piece in market at the exact same time.



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