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Media used Direct mail
Date September 2013


Dutch energy provider Eneco wanted to increase their market share in the business-segment of the energy market. To do this and to generate leads on potential new customers, they needed to make sure Dutch businesses knew Eneco was there to help them make their companies more sustainable.


The creative idea was to mail thousands of companies in the Netherlands a fake notice of an unsuccessful windmill delivery. The notice was designed to look like the sort of delivery notes used by DHL and UPS with the serial number of the windmill, the date and time of the delivery and an explanation for why the delivery was not made – because the truck driver could not make the turn.

A unique track n' trace code on the note allowed the recipient to watch a video in which, thanks to Google Street View, the driver was seen to be having difficulties in their very own street. The video ended with a message that Eneco provided more energy solutions than a windmill on your doorstep. There was a call button to get in touch immediately with Eneco's customer service team.


The call volume compared to the previous communication was exceeded by 200% and the netting piece pulled in an impressive 50% lift over the control piece in market at the exact same time.



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