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Media used Direct mail
Date May - October 2013


Print Power UK has launched a 'Touched by DM' campaign to promote the power of print in direct marketing. Imaginative direct mail pieces have been sent to 2,200 leading UK brand owners and media decision makers as part of a European initiative to demonstrate the high degree of response which can be obtained with creative direct mail.


Developed by Ogilvy's Red Works office, the mailing consisted of four elements: the envelope, which is in fact a folded-up poster, held a personalised letter, a chalked blackboard, a reply card and a reply envelope. The blackboard card contained a hidden message which became visible once the chalk was wiped away. Leaving a print of their chalk-covered hand on the reply card allowed the recipient of the mailing to obtain a personalised moleskine notebook as the handprint was then scanned and printed on the cover of the notebook.

The campaign also featured cases and examples of sensory print on the Print Power website, a video on the production of the mailing, a presentation with inspiring cases and a reminder mailing using Augmented Reality.


The response rates of the mailing are astounding, nine countries scored between 10-25% while the standard return rate for this kind of mailing is between 0.5% and 1%. The mailing was much discussed online and so was the "making-of" video.





 Source: Print Power