Advertiser ■ Triumph
Industry ■ Retail
Media used Direct mail
Date 2012


Four different markets

Triumph is a leading brand in women’s lingerie in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, with an extensive network of Triumph stores and salespeople in all four countries. However, the market situation is very different in the individual countries –Denmark has the most Triumph stores, followed by Norway, Sweden, and Finland. At the same time, consumer knowledge of Triumph, consumer behaviour, competition from other lingerie brands and general economic trends vary considerably by country.

First catalogue across national borders

In 2012, Triumph wanted to strengthen sales during the Christmas shopping period by distributing unaddressed advertising material to households in all four countries. It was the first time that Triumph distributed a catalogue to all four Nordic markets. The 16-page catalogue was distributed to raise awareness and to stand out from other advertising material received by Nordic consumers. The catalogue in four language versions was printed on high-quality paper ensuring a quality presentation of the exclusive lingerie products.


Very high reading value

As much as 51% of Danish recipients who remembered the catalogue had also read the catalogue. The percentages for Finland, Norway and Sweden were respectively 51%, 53% and 44%. In all four markets, these were exceptionally high reading values in comparison with what is usually seen for non-addressed advertising material.


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Source: Post Danmark