Advertiser ■ Zelen Shoes
Industry ■ Retailer
Media used ■ Direct mail
Target group ■ N/A
Date ■ 2013


Zelen Shoes, a shoes retailer has a mission to provide the best service and selection in store and online.


With the objective of creating awareness and generating sales for its business, both online and off, Zelen Shoes decided to try the Unaddressed Admail  service from Canada Post.


The store included QR codes on each direct-mail piece to effectively gauge campaign success. Results included:  

  • 30% increase in unique visitors to the store’s e-commerce site
  • 22% more website transactions (compared to the same period previous year)
  • 53% more hits to mobile site (compared to the previous month)
  • 412% increase in mobile traffic to the e-commerce site

Complete case study available here


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