IPC’s Strategic Perspectives on the Postal Market provides a distillation of the cooperative work carried out between member postal operators and IPC. 

Key e-commerce highlights include:

  • Total B2C e-Commerce sales amounted to slightly over €1tn in 2013.
  • Overall e-Commerce sales are set to grow by 45% by 2016
  • E-Commerce traffic is increasingly passing through a wide range of channels and is moving past a multi-channel approach to an omni-channel experience.
  • Google Shopping Express and eBay Now offer same-day delivery services, which respond to a growing consumer demand for convenience and speed.
  • Google believes the same-day delivery of goods from local stores can be a retail revolution. It is a merger of online technology and local retail outlets, built on the back of Google Maps data.
  • As a retailer with a strong high-street presence, Macy’s has developed a commercial strategy which focuses on leveraging in-store pick-up options, which provide immediacy and personal interaction.
  • Only 2% of all US wine purchases are made online, therefore there are plenty of opportunities for online wine fulfilment and Wine.com is growing at 19% CAGR.
  • Norway Post is piloting large shared letter boxes using RFID technology, which provides a secure space in which parcels and packages can be delivered at the consumers’ homes.
  • In Belgium, bpost continues to develop its Shop & Deliver service with the aim to “bring everything that really counts to every door”. bpost is working on a transformation from mail to goods in order to build its future business.
  • Poste Italiane has developed a fully integrated e-Commerce offering to address the different needs of Italian SMEs by supporting the end-to-end e-Commerce process.
  • New Zealand Post is aiming for a more integrated model among its business units so as to create much more value for the group and sees digital business as an enabler to the core business.
  • Le Groupe La Poste created a digital division one year ago, called “La Direction du Numérique”
  • Russia is the biggest opportunity for Itella. There are 68m online users in Russia, making it the biggest market in Europe. Itella is already a market leader in third-party logistics in Russia.
  • To facilitate the growth of e-Commerce, USPS has introduced a new service called Parcels Select for small parcels weighing from 3.5oz to 1lb (100g to 1.59kg) with a free tracking service.
  • Australia Post is investing over AU$1bn, having already spent AU$400m on the acquisition of StarTack, which provides 100% B2B capability; the post is now linking up to have the B2B2C interoperability across all systems.
  • Through the IPC e-Commerce Interconnect Programme, leading postal operators from America, Europe and Asia Pacific aim to establish a fully interconnected network for cross-border e-Commerce deliveries.

Access the complete 2014 Strategic Perspectives on the Postal Market here.