Fuel consumption and electricity use are the most significant contributors to the group’s carbon emissions. A focus on reducing emissions associated with these activities not only has considerable environmental benefits but also presents opportunities for financial gain.

Fuel Consumption

ince 2008, the group has achieved an accumulated saving of 1.3m tonnes of carbon emissions from own transport. Using a conservative conversion factor for diesel, this equates to 458m litres of fuel saved and represents a financial saving of €466m (US$525m). Among the measures to achieve this, our participants have engaged in initiatives such as ‘smart’ driving training with the aim of achieving both carbon emissions reduction and savings in fuel costs. The group’s efforts in these areas are demonstrated by participants in our biennial International Drivers’ Challenge, which in 2018 was hosted by CTT Portugal Post in Estoril, Portugal. More details on the event can be found in the sustainability section of the IPC website.

Electricity Consumption

The group’s year-on-year electricity consumption fell by more than 2.2% between 2016 and 2017, demonstrating posts’ continued momentum in this area. Since the start of the programme, participants have collectively reduced their electricity consumption by 24%, from 9.95 TWh in 2008 to 7.60 TWh in 2017. This translates into an accumulated saving of 14.0 TWh over nine years, which, using a conservative factor for the cost of electricity, equates to €1,269m (US$1,430m) saved over the period.