The first section of the EMMS tool measures carbon management proficiency across ten areas aligned with IPC’s ‘plan-do-check-act’ management systems approach. This is measured through the use of a questionnaire, primarily taking into account qualitative aspects of each postal company’s carbon management proficiency (CMP).

Carbon management proficiency (CMP) is measured through ten management pillars considered vital for successful carbon management. In 2018, the group achieved the EMMS programme’s 2020 CMP target of 90%, reaching 91%. This was an improvement of 2.8 percentage points from the 2017 score of 88%, and a 35 percentage point improvement compared to 56% in 2008, the baseline year. This equates to an annual average increase of 3.5 percentage points. After ten consecutive years of improvement, we congratulate the group on achieving the CMP target ahead of schedule. For detailed results, see the Technical Analysis section.

The individual contributions of many posts were combined to bring the group to its outstanding achievements in 2018. Thirteen posts have now surpassed 90% in total, up from ten in 2017. A further four achieved scores of at least 80%. The four posts that achieved 90% for the first time scored a combined increase of 21.2 points from 2017, demonstrating an impressive ability to deliver on their commitments. Individual results are not published in this report, but all participants report publicly on carbon emissions and their management approaches. The Case Studies section of this report does however contain examples of best practice from several participants.