It is essential for posts participating in IPC services to have access to project documentation and updates on a wide range of topics including: IPC project and service publications, service changes, meeting notes, market developments, regulatory changes, competitor analysis, etc. Moreover, in today’s changing markets, posts need to be up to date on recent developments by other posts and players in the postal and e-commerce markets. IPC provides easy access to both project-specific documentation and to news and analysis about trends in the postal industry.

How does it work?

IPC’s online communication channels include the website and its members-only sections, the News Portal, IPC’s presence on social networks, email newsletters and other online channels. These channels allow IPC to engage with members and stakeholders and provide IPC services with a channel to easily communicate with participating posts.

The website provides a platform to present and analyse the latest trends in the postal and e-commerce sectors. Members and stakeholders alike have easy access to articles from across the postal industry as well as studies and analysis gathered or produced by IPC.The IPC News Portal provides user-friendly access to the latest news in the postal sector, allowing users to browse, filter and export articles according to their own interests.

Through the members-only parts of the website, employees of posts participating in the various IPC services can find the latest project reports, documentation and updates to use as a reference.

The website is based on an interactive structure to allow users to find the right information quickly and easily. Moreover, the website is supported by a search engine structure. The website and the other online channels are continuously updated with projects and service-related information to keep the members and the stakeholders informed about new developments in IPC’s projects and activities.

The website also gives stakeholders a contact point for general enquiries, while also hosting the Customer Support Web Portal through which service users can get status updates and standard information for troubleshooting. IPC also sends out a bi-weekly newsletter, reaching out to members and non-members alike to provide them with the latest news right in their inbox.


  • 24/7 easy access to project documentation
  • Continuously updated information
  • Access to the entire range of tools and databases available to members
  • Platform for the latest industry news, trends and analysis

More information

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