The IPC Strategic Perspectives is a yearly publication that provides a distillation of the cooperative work carried out between member postal operators and IPC in the previous year. The report includes insights gathered from senior executive events throughout the past year.


IPC Strategic Perspectives is a summary of business intelligence findings which are based on the analysis of the IPC Markets team, together with findings from IPC primary and secondary research projects, workshops and academic partnerships.

This publication is targeted at CEOs, CMOs, COOs, CFOs, directors, senior managers and experts within IPC’s membership. To get access to the current year's publication, please log in or register. Previous years' editions are available to the public to download (see below).

Click here to download the 2016 edition of the IPC Strategic Perspectives. This edition is available for IPC members only.

Key findings

The report highlights the key trends, challenges and solutions as identified through our intelligence gathering, research and best-practice-sharing platforms, to give an overview of the most recent strategic thinking from inside and outside the postal industry in four key areas: e-Commerce; media services and direct marketing, and the postal sector environmental sustainability programme.

Here are a few of the key findings from the Strategic Perspectives, providing a taste of what the report has to offer.


  • In 2015, IPC established its Online Shopper Survey to research the delivery preferences and experiences of frequent cross-border online shoppers, who have bought physical goods online at least once in the last three months. On average, 63% of frequent cross-border online shoppers shop at least once a month, however in China this figure rises to 99%.
  • E-Commerce is still in its infancy, as on average, only 7.3% of total global retail was online in 2015.
  • In 2014, Alibaba, Amazon, Apple and eBay accounted for 29% of the global e-Commerce market share, and if current year-on-year growth is projected to 2020, they are likely to account for 41% of global e-Commerce market shares.

Direct marketing

  • While internet adspend continues worldwide, direct mail remains a complimentary and effective media within a multi-channel campaign.
  • With m-Commerce comes a great opportunity to link traditional core postal business in the form of letters with the new postal e-Commerce business.
  • Probably the best way to counter the perception barrier in regard to spending money on direct mail is to talk about the big names in technology who are using direct mail these include the likes of Amazon, Google and Zalando.

Previous editions of IPC Strategic Perspectives

The previous editions of the IPC Strategic Perspectives are publicly available.