IPC produces a number of publications which focus on regulatory issues, ranging from e-commerce to the USO. These reports are also available in the Reports section of the website.

Realising Europe's potential: e-commerce and the postal operators

Postal operators collaborated with IPC and PostEurop to create an Image Brochure on parcel services in Europe. The brochure discusses how the European parcel market is a well-functioning and innovative business sector and enables e-commerce to flourish by supporting SMEs and providing customer-friendly delivery solutions. Read more

IPC Strategic Perspectives

The IPC Strategic Perspectives provides an in-depth look at issues relevant to the postal industry on different topics. Past issues focused on Labour, Do-Not-Mail, Meeting Consumer Needs in an Electronic World and VAT Modernisation.

IPC Studies

Long-standing discussions in the Senior Executive Forums focused on how the Universal Service Obligation (USO) will be funded in a deregulated market have been superseded by discussions on what the scope of the USO for physical mail should be when citizens are increasingly connected to electronic communications media.

Faced with an expected volume decline of 26% on average by 2020 (digital service providers predict a 50% decline in mail), IPC members need to assess the ways in which that trend will impact on their current strategies and how a role can be defined for a successful postal company in ten years' time. In a move to inform that crucial debate, IPC commissioned two studies from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) analysing the trend for mail in the ten years to 2020. These studies provide a tool for members in their discussions with lawmakers and stakeholders about the future role for the post in the light of expected change.