IPC has joined forces with over 30 posts across the globe to develop a seamless e-Commerce delivery network, called INTERCONNECT. This network aims at creating the best conditions for e-shoppers and SMEs to shop and sell online internationally and for posts to fully benefit from cross-border e-Commerce growth.

Integrated cross-border postal network

Through the INTERCONNECT platform, participating posts from America, Asia Pacific and Europe are in a position to offer e-retailers and SMEs a consistent delivery service on three levels – economy, standard and premium.

The INTERCONNECT solutions enable e-retailers to offer their customers the same delivery experience for cross-border orders as for domestic e-commerce purchases, including: reliable end-to-end delivery times; track and trace; simple return solutions; delivery choice, and improved customer service processes. 


Data platform

The INTERCONNECT solutions are based on data capture and exchange throughout the entire e-Commerce delivery process, allowing for a greater integration of networks. The IPC Data Hub is the engine and the backbone of all e-commerce features included in INTERCONNECT. The platform connects all stakeholders involved from sending to delivery, allowing for full visibility throughout the entire delivery process. 

The IPC Data hub is accessed via a suite of powerful applications which provide advance analytical capabilities, performance insight, customer enquiry management tools and integration with third-party partner systems.

Key applications

The following applications have been developed within the INTERCONNECT network:

  • Enhanced visibility: IPC collects and manages track events data through barcode, RFID, and/or Mail Registration Devices in airports, from sending to delivery, including for returned goods. It allows posts to offer e-retailers and their customers a fully tracked end-to-end delivery service.
  • Reliable transit times: Delivery within pre-established end-to-end delivery transit times with a reliability of 95%. 
  • Simple return solution: Through the Common Return Platform (CRP), posts offer e-retailers (and their customers) pre-paid cross-border return labels that considerably facilitate the return process for customers.
  • Harmonised label: The harmonised label eliminates over labelling and manual data entry and contributes to enhancing the cross-border delivery process. 
  • Seamless customs: The solution aims to allow for pre-clearance of an item via EDI messaging in order to shorten and simplify the customs clearance process. 
  • Delivery choice: cross-border online customers can have access to same delivery options (parcel lockers, home, office, retail outlet, …) as for domestic e-Commerce.
  • Cross-border customer service: the IPC Global Customer Service System (GCSS) ensures a more rapid resolution of cross-border customer queries, through new operating procedures, reply times, KPIs and quality assurance.
  • Performance management tools: IPC has incorporated market leading business intelligence software to provide powerful analytical capability, including smart data visualisation, self-service report creation, …