Upgrading the international mail service

Upgrading the international letter service is one of IPC's core activities. It aims at ensuring high quality of end-to-end service for international mail in line with customer expectations and changing market requirements.

This service helps IPC member postal operators to:

  • set operational targets to underpin the commercial objectives
  • agree improvement plans
  • monitor progress

The international mail pipeline stretches from the point of posting in one country to the point of receipt in another country. More than 300 billion letters are processed each year by IPC member posts. IPC member posts are committed to excellence in cross-border letter, packets and parcel service. They respond swiftly to changing market requirements and customer demands including the increasing expectations in the e-commerce business.

This is where the IPC Operations Upgrading service plays an important role as it ensures cooperation between operators so that the commercial objectives and customer expections are met.

IPC supports the creation of operational targets and quality plans, which allow postal operators to reach a high quality of service. High processing and delivery targets are set after a thorough evaluation of the national network capabilities and transport links between them. Each year participants review these targets and set operational standards underpinning the commercial objectives.