Certification of Excellence

The IPC Certification of Excellence in the Management and Processing of International Priority Products is an independent process that encourages postal operators to strive for excellence. Assessments for the Certificate focus on the processing of international priority products. The main criteria for assessment relate to:

  • organisation and resource management
  • quality management
  • interface relationships with international partners, carriers and handlers at both the offices of exchange and airmail units
  • EDI message and data compliance 

Certification Assessments ensures that postal operators adhere to the highest standards. Certificates are given in recognition of management and staff working at international sites that provide an excellent service quality.

Most recent Certifications:

  • In March 2017, the Toronto Office of Exchange and the Montreal Office of Exchange were certified.
  • In February 2017, the Oslo Air Mail Unit at Gardermoen and the Office of Exchange part of the Østlandsterminalen in Lorenskog, near Oslo, were re-certified. 

The following Offices of Exchange were successfully re-certified in 2016: Hall in Tirol, Vienna, Dublin, Auckland and Madrid.  The following offices were awarded their first Certificate of Excellence in 2016: Melbourne Gateway Facility and Sydney Gateway Facility.

In 2015, the Toronto SCLPP office of exchange received its first certificate. The following offices of exchange were successfully re-certified in 2015: Milan, Helsinki, Amsterdam/Rotterdam, Reykjavik, Lisbon, Budapest, Athens. 

IPC’s Certificate of Excellence is awarded to member postal operators reaching the required standards. To earn IPC’s Certificate of Excellence, the operator must first have achieved a minimum level of mail service and RESDES performance. It then must adapt its management and processing of international priority products to meet the high levels agreed upon by all IPC member postal operators.

The certification process guarantees consistency, transparency, independence and pro-active management across all participating members. 
Independent, external experts, led by the IPC Certification Manager, conduct assessments of offices of exchange that:

  • meet minimum standards for quality of service
  • actively use CAPE Vision in daily operations and monitoring
  • take part in the IPC Performance Centre Operations activities
  • exchange complete and accurate EDI messages

Certification Process

First step: questionnaire

The Certificate of Excellence assessment team sends the Office of Exchange a questionnaire. The questionnaire covers work organisation, resource management, quality management and interface relationships. An Office of Exchange must achieve a minimum of 92% on the total to achieve certification for the first time.

Second step: on-site inspection

The assessment team conducts an on-site inspection of all the activities performed by the office of exchange, including inbound and outbound operations as well as Air Mail Unit operations.

The team then examines how the Office of Exchange handles international priority products and how it interfaces between domestic and international activities.

Third step: award the Certificate of Excellence

If the Office of Exchange meets the requirements, it receives an IPC Certificate of Excellence in the Management and Processing of International Priority Products, which is valid for a period of three years.

The Office of Exchange can then apply for a renewal of their certification.