Improving operational performance throughout the postal delivery chain

IPC provides technological and cooperative solutions that enable its member postal operators to achieve common goals and meet commercial needs. These solutions look at different modes and legs of the mail delivery process, including: closer integration with air carriers, streamlined airmail handover processes, and improved operational equipment.

Improving airmail processes

To respond to changes in the mail and airline industry and support growing market demands, at a time when the transport network of mail by air was becoming less reliable and less sustainable, IPC launched its Future of Mail by Air – or FoMbA – initiative. FoMbA brings together airlines and posts to find mutually beneficial solutions and establish best practices. The initiative focusses on improving quality of service, interoperability and cost-effective operations.

IPC has also developed the IPC Mail Registration Device (MRD), which allows for the quick and simple registration of mail delivery handovers at postal facilities situated in airports. The device is installed by postal operators at the point where handlers from the airline deliver postal receptacles to postal staff and/or where postal operators hand over mail consignments to airlines, which usually takes place at the entrance of the Air Mail Units at the airport.

Shared pools of standardised mail bags and trays for international letter mail

The IPC Bag Pool is a shared pool of a standard long-lasting and environmentally friendly mail bags used for international priority letter mail. The use of a single mail bag that is shared by many reduces the total number of bags purchased and significantly reduces the amount of bag repatriations between sending and receiving members, and thereby the costs and adverse environmental impact for transport of empty bags.

The IPC Tray Pool is a shared pool of standard and durable plastic trays used to transport international letter mail.

Optimised road and air transport

In 2016, IPC and participating posts launched the IPC Pallet Box, designed with a view of optimising the use of transport capacity, ease of use, better protection of postal items and the lowest possible operating costs for using the equipment. Thanks to its stacking capabilities, the IPC Pallet Box allows the fullest volume exploitation across operations, especially of truck cargo space and load capacity utilisation.

The IPC Sprinter Network is an overnight road transport network that carries priority letters. Created in 2005 as an alternative to the reduced air transport capacity, the Sprinter Network has since contributed in improving delivery quality and implementing transport synergies for participating postal organisations.