The Express Mail Service (EMS) is an international UPU postal service for documents and merchandise. IPC has been providing tracking and end-to-end service performance for mail flow, which is offered by over 180 postal operators worldwide. In 1993, IPC together with a group of member postal operators, formed the EMS Task Force with the aim of helping posts handle and deliver EMS items according to their customer’s needs and expectations, as well as boosting volumes.

IPC’s service to EMS

  • The main role of IPC is to support performance improvement, identify solutions to boost volumes and to focus on performance analysis. Therefore, IPC provides EMS Unit and the EMS Cooperative Members with a variety of performance reports for their inbound and outbound traffic, international transport, delivery as well as Customer Service support performance.
  • Through EMS Task Force’s financial resources, IPC has provided EMS item monitoring and performance analysis to the EMS Cooperative members for free from 1993 to 2017. EMS Cooperative members also access the IPC Global Customer Service System (GCSS) and online reporting tool (STORM).
  • IPC uses online diagnostic tools that report up-to-date performance and the advance notification of potential IT or operational issues.

Benefits of IPC's services

  • EMS quality performance reports for inbound and outbound traffic.
  • IPC provides Pay for Performance reports on all items, including returns.
  • Participation and distribution of expertise with a group of operations and transportation experts and maintain focus on improving performance.
  • Focus on technical aspects as well as quality of service, customer service performance and payment reports.
  • EMS products rely on IPC Global Customer Service System to enhance communication between customer service centres and ensures a fast reply to enquiries about the status of international tracked items.

More information

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