The sector scorecard of the EMMS programme contains overall information about the participant's carbon management proficiency, carbon performance indicators and emissions for the period 2008-2017.


EMMS participants


Participating postal organisations

An Post, Australia Post, Austrian Post, bpost, Correios, Correos, CTT Portugal Post, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Le Groupe La Poste, New Zealand Post Group, POST Luxembourg, Poste Italiane, Posten Norge, Posti, PostNL, PostNord, Royal Mail Group, South African Post Office, Swiss Post, United States Postal Service

Postal volume (items)

250,000 million

Building area


No. of employees


No. of vehicles



Carbon Management Proficiency                                                                          


Carbon Emissions (Mail & Parcel): Total Volumes (Tonnes of CO2)                


Emissions reductions (Scope 1 & 2) in relation to the 20% 2020 target (Mail and Parcel)


Carbon Emissions: Delivery Efficiency (2013-2025)                                          

Delivery Efficiency


Further details

Carbon emissions figures presented reflect the core mail and parcel operations of our participants, and exclude information relating to express and logistics services. For more information please see the 2018 IPC Postal Sector Sustainability Report at