IPC Global Postal Industry Report shows overall revenue growth

In 2013, overall postal industry revenue reached €429.8bn, an average increase across postal operators of 3.7% compared to 2012. Mail revenue increased by 1.2%.  These are some of the insights published in International Post Corporation (IPC)’s new publicly available executive summary of the IPC Global Postal Industry Report.

Sustainability in the postal industry

For the November topic in the spotlight IPC focuses on sustainability through interviews, video and analysis.  In an exclusive interview, Heikki Malinen, Itella CEO, highlights specific challenges due to geographic and climate conditions faced by the Finnish operator in achieving carbon reductions. Coinciding with the publication of the IPC Postal Sector Sustainability Report 2014, IPC places postal sector sustainability in the global environmental perspective, while taking a deeper look into corporate  environmental initiatives to reduce carbon emissions in the area of transport and buildings.

IPC Global Postal Industry Report 2014

The sixth edition of the IPC Global Postal Industry is now available for download. The report continues to provide a comprehensive and detailed review of the postal industry and now covers 45 postal operators worldwide. The postal industry is changing rapidly and to reflect these trends, new topics have been included in this edition. Reflecting our increased focus on e-Commerce as the main driver of postal growth, the report includes analyses of the main e-Commerce market trends. Furthermore, the report looks at the evolution of share prices since posts have listed on the stock market, the legal status and ownership of posts and capital expenditure.

IPC Postal Sector Sustainability Report 2014

The 2014 IPC Postal Sector Sustainability Report, covering the business year 2013, shows a continuously increasing professionalisation of carbon management against a stabilisation in collective carbon emissions reductions. Overall, participants in the sustainability programme are well on track for reaching the programme’s 2020 targets of 90% CMP and 20% CO2 reduction compared to the 2008 baseline ahead of schedule.

Regulatory Flash 94 – December 2014

IPC Regulatory Flash is a monthly newsletter providing a comprehensive look at new developments emerging in international regulatory affairs. It is sent exclusively to participating IPC member posts.