Holiday season peak

For the January topic in the spotlight IPC focuses on the holiday season peaks through interviews, figures and analysis. Discover how posts have prepared for the busiest time of the year, what campaigns they put in place to attract consumers and more specifically what volumes were recorded for parcel and mail deliveries during the 2014 holiday season.

Preparation and promotion activities around the holidays season

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for the postal industry. Some postal operators plan all year round to ensure they deliver the best possible service to their customers and to avoid bottlenecks. This involves extended delivery times, strong financial and additional human resources, revamped operational capabilities. Read how posts have prepared to tackle the peak and to attract customers.

IPC Global Postal Industry Report 2014

The sixth edition of the IPC Global Postal Industry is now available for download. The report continues to provide a comprehensive and detailed review of the postal industry and now covers 45 postal operators worldwide. The postal industry is changing rapidly and to reflect these trends, new topics have been included in this edition. Reflecting our increased focus on e-Commerce as the main driver of postal growth, the report includes analyses of the main e-Commerce market trends. Furthermore, the report looks at the evolution of share prices since posts have listed on the stock market, the legal status and ownership of posts and capital expenditure.

Market Flash – 22 January 2015

This is the latest issue of Market Flash, IPC’s bi-weekly newsletter providing a comprehensive look at new developments emerging in international postal industry. This edition includes a special on Direct Marketing, a sector in which posts still have a lot to offer through addressed and unaddressed direct mail, transactional mail and online direct marketing services. In the direct marketing section, we shed some light on ongoing developments in the direct marketing sector.