IPC Direct Mail Guide 2015

Direct Mail Guide 2015

The IPC Direct Mail Guide provides an industry-wide overview of mail advertising, its advantages and ways to leverage it for best results. The publication was created in collaboration with IPC members and is publically available.

2015 IPC Strategic Perspectives on the Postal Market

IPC’s Strategic Perspectives on the Postal Market provides a distillation of the cooperative work carried out between member postal operators and IPC. This edition presents the knowledge shared between IPC members as well as at research performed by IPC over the course of 2014.

Data-driven marketing

In the May 2015 topic in the spotlight we are looking at the power of direct mail and how postal operators can leverage data to boost e-Commerce sales and how they adapted to the new reality of omni-channel and data-driven marketing. Discover our special articles, interviews and key facts and figures to find out more.

Regulatory Flash 101 – September 2015

IPC Regulatory Flash is a monthly newsletter providing a comprehensive look at new developments emerging in international regulatory affairs. It is sent exclusively to participating IPC member posts.