In 2002, European Postal Services continued to achieve high performance, once more exceeding on average the European Union objectives. This achievement is a demonstration of the commitment of the European Postal operators to providing customers with consistently reliable postal service of a high quality. For the year 2002, the UNEX end-to-end performance measurement system results show that 93.5 per cent of first class, intra-European mail was delivered to the final addressee within three days of posting (J+3). This represents an improvement of 7.9 percentage points compared with 1998, and an increase of 1.5 point compared with last year. The average delivery time was 2.2 days. Average Delivery Days European Postal operators continue to perform far above their objectives: J+3 performance, the speed indicator, has improved from 69.1% in 1994, when the UNEX study started, to 93.5% for the full year 2002, exceeding the objective by 8.5 percentage points.