Energy saving initiative rolled out across An Post

An Post’s Sustainability team has implemented an internet-based time clock which enables managers to control the heating in their buildings and reduce energy use. Using a combination of tailored analytics and feedback to An Post managers, the project aims to deliver reductions in energy usage through changes in energy related behaviours, while also raising overall staff awareness about energy use in the workplace. 

The time clocks allow managers to control and adjust the heating system from their computer, based on operational schedules – including 24/7 building use and times when the building is not in use, such as public holidays. Support and follow up monitoring is available from An Post’s Energy Officer, who provides guidance to each manager on reducing energy spikes and who provides staff with information on home and building energy conservation.

In mid-2015, An Post installed the system in a further 25 buildings, which to date are yielding energy savings of between 25% and 35%. A further 65 internet-based timers were installed in early 2016 with a total of 90 remote systems installed across the building stock. Key factors in achieving these savings are securing the buy-in of managers using the system and the simplicity of the timer. This system has contributed to overall savings in An Post’s energy usage of approximately 1,500 tonnes of CO2 or 12,000 kWh since 2009.