IPC Best Practice Seminars

Our Best Practice Seminars benchmark the environmental sustainability and carbon measurement processes of members, global companies and international environmental best practice. 

IPC Best Practice Seminar on Carbon Management, Brussels, February 2008

The seminar opened with Professor Alyson Warhurst, director at Maplecroft, a UK based research and advisory company, explaining the risks, responsibilities and reputation implications associated with carbon management programmes. Member posts shared their current environmental sustainability initiatives and the group discussed challenges and opportunities surrounding responsible environmental sustainability plans. The group also examined best practices on carbon management outside the postal industry, which provided a benchmark for how the postal industry measures up against other corporations on environmental issues.

Day two of the seminar focused on target-setting, benchmarking and the development of reporting tools. Realizing the industry’s impact on the environment, IPC has been tasked by its board to take the lead in conducting research, developing common measurement tools, identifying best practices and coordinating a common industry response on environmental sustainability issues facing the postal industry. Results and key recommendations from the carbon management research conducted on behalf of IPC by Maplecroft were presented.