PRIME was founded in 1997 as an IPC project when four European posts joined forces to promote common standards with the aim of stimulating trade in cross-border packets. Today, PRIME has become an organisation of true global reach, actively engaging with 150 postal operators and processing approximately 300m items worldwide annually. All products offer track and trace capabilities for the delivery of packets across borders. The level of electronic delivery confirmation ranges from scanning to signature for proof of delivery.

IPC’s service to PRIME

  • PRIME appointed IPC to provide their technical capabilities and monitoring systems to ensure high-level quality of service and performance for cross-border packets.
  • IPC provides reporting systems to PRIME, which measures quality at every opportunity through Quality Performance Reporting, and Ready Reckoners that are produced monthly and quarterly for accurate invoicing between PRIME members, based on the volume exchanged and the level of quality achieved.
  • PRIME also utilises the IPC Global Customer Support Service so that PRIME members can benefit from a web-based customer service system that handles enquiries between posts, and caters for the settlement of indemnities for Registered and Insured services. Additionally, this data may be uploaded to a post’s website, in their own language, creating a compelling end-user track and trace experience.

Benefits of IPC's service

  • End-to-end data reporting through IPC’s data monitoring system.
  • Access to data-sharing systems and processes, which is fundamental to deliver better products and services.
  • PRIME members have chosen IPC as their provider for their performance and remuneration reports.
  • PRIME agreements are based on a Pay-for-Performance model to maintain quality standards (both for delivery and scanning on delivery) and remunerate posts on achieving agreed performance standards and conditions as per the Agreement, on top of basic remuneration (terminal dues or other).

More information

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