The postal sector is in disruption. Cooperation, especially in the cross-border market, offers opportunities. Exchanging best practices, debating strategic directions for the sector, and accessing third-party expertise is essential for top management of postal operators.

How does it work?

The IPC Annual Conference is a two-day event that goes along with the IPC Board Meeting and the Shareholders’ Annual General Meeting (AGM). On the first day, the Annual conference starts with a welcome dinner by the hosting post and is followed by the Annual Conference on the second day, where external guest speakers can debate on topics surrounding the postal industry.

IPC Annual Conference themes range from e-commerce, sustainability and SMEs, to direct mail and data marketing. Content is also derived from IPC’s own research on leading topics. The conference theme is agreed upon by the IPC
Board, two years in advance. Attendance at this high-level conference is by invitation only, and can only be attended by postal CEOs accompanied by up to two senior executives. The Annual Conference features high-level speakers from the academic world, industry leaders, e-retailers and posts.


  • Unique networking and meeting platform for CEOs and senior executives
  • Opportunity to share best practice and discuss strategic issues
  • Access to latest industry trends and experts

Facts & figures

  • About 20 chief executives of the leading posts to participate
  • More than 70 senior executives from over 25 posts from America, Asia Pacific and Europe
  • Keynote speakers from leading global players (previous conferences have included CEOs and senior executives from Amazon, Alibaba Group, Cainiao, eBay, Lalamove, Tmall, Rakuten, Temando, Magento, Mc Kinsey, Endicia World Business Council for Sustainable Development and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)

Previous editions

  • 2023: The Postal Contribution to Emissions Reduction
  • 2022: Postal innovation for the future of global e-commerce - Vienna, Austria
  • 2021: The future for the postal business and workforce in a post-Covid world - IPC Online CEO Conference
  • 2019: Postal sector sustainability: challenges for the next ten years - Bonn, Germany
  • 2018: Disruptive Postal Business Models - Vancouver, Canada
  • 2017: Optimising the postal network for e-commerce - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 2016: Postal innovation for SMEs - Brussels, Belgium
  • 2015: Data-driven marketing and e-commerce - Sevilla, Spain
  • 2014: E-commerce: the new normal - Luzern, Switzerland
  • 2013: Building a new compelling position for posts - Oslo, Norway
  • 2012: The consumer in 2020 - Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
  • 2011: Digital business: opportunities to create value - Rome, Italy
  • 2010: Shop@home - San Francisco, United States of America

More information

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