Because strategic decisions must be based on relevant and time-critical business intelligence, IPC provides reports and research on the global postal and parcel industry. IPC reports and research give postal stakeholders a comprehensive and in-depth review of industry performance, trends, challenges and opportunities. IPC reports are mainly produced for our member postal organisations, but other stakeholders can purchase the IPC Global Postal Industry Report and IPC Carrier Intelligence Reports.

How does it work?

Based on public data, member questionnaires and postal expertise, the IPC Market Intelligence team collects, analyses and reports on key information related to the global postal industry. The team monitors financial, operational, strategic and market information of over 50 leading postal and parcel operators from Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and BRICS countries. The main outputs are the IPC Global Postal Industry Report, IPC Carrier Intelligence Reports, IPC Statistical Database, and IPC Global Monitor. Each of these outputs has been specifically designed to meet the intelligence needs of industry executives, as well as analysts and consultants engaged in research throughout the postal and parcel sectors.


  • Cost-effective, unique insights based on public data, member questionnaires and postal expertise
  • Up-to-date intelligence on the latest market trends and industry and operator performance
  • A wide variety of analyses ranging from qualitative deep dives to benchmarks for key industry metrics


IPC Global Postal Industry Report

IPC provides multiple reports to serve the needs of postal decision makers. The IPC Global Postal Industry Report is an annual report that provides a comprehensive and in-depth review of industry trends and operator performance. It includes a broad range of analyses across key areas including megatrends, strategy, financials, volumes, rates and delivery quality, and relies on data obtained from both member questionnaires and publicly available sources. In the latest version of the report, a survey of postal industry experts was included to provide insight on key trends within the sector. The report allows stakeholders to monitor postal trends and compare the performance of 50 postal and parcel operators worldwide. It also includes deep dives in key areas including e-commerce, consumer needs, competitor analyses, mergers and acquisitions, and innovation. The report is published for IPC members in November each year and is also available for purchase by non-members. The current edition of the report includes insights into COVID-19’s impact on the postal industry.

IPC Carrier Intelligence Reports

The IPC Carrier Intelligence Reports are individual, up-to-date reports on 50 leading postal and parcel operators from around the world. The reports provide analysis of key strategic, market, financial and operational data in an easy-to-read, consistent format, and allow users to obtain a quick and accurate overview of the operator’s current and historical performance as well as
its recent investments, acquisitions and innovations. The reports are regularly updated in line with the publication of annual and interim reports as well as other key publications and press releases. Annual subscriptions to the reports are available for both IPC members and non-members.

IPC Statistical Database

The IPC Statistical Database is an online, member-only tool that provides instant access to key financial, operational, market and macroeconomic data for 50 postal and logistics operators from around the world. The tool includes data from 2001 onwards and is regularly updated in line with the publication of operator annual and interim reports and IPC member questionnaires. Database users can tailor their queries by simply selecting the operators, years, currency and attributes of interest, and can then extract, view and download the dataset for further analysis.

IPC Global Monitor

The IPC Global Monitor is a family of reports that presents detailed and confidential information to allow IPC members to benchmark performance against their peers on a regular basis. There are two types: the Executive Report and the HR Report. The quarterly Executive Report monitors volume and revenue trends across key postal products, including transactional, marketing and international mail, as well as periodicals and parcels and express items. The biannual HR report monitors human resource key performance indicators across a range of aspects including employment, diversity and equal opportunity, productivity, training and occupational health and safety. The reports are based on information obtained directly from IPC members via regular data questionnaires.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a key focus area for IPC in defending the core business of postal operators. To support this business, IPC provides direct marketing insights, research and analysis, case studies a direct mail guide, articles case studies and videos and infographics to support postal direct marketing within the modern media landscape.

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